Representation at Every Adjudicative Instance

Yosef Samuel & Co. represents individuals, commercial companies and other such entities in all areas of commercial civil and public law.  The office has vast knowledge, thorough professionalism, decades of experience, proven success and considerable accomplishments in its representation of clients in all adjudicative instances and while handling many and varied matters.

Yosef Samuel & Co.  deals with complex cases and on a large scale, and provides its clients with close professional, creative legal accompaniment, combining an understanding of the business and legal arenas, with an emphasis on economizing costs, ascertaining feasibility of legal proceedings, and the ability to offer varied alternative solutions designed to alleviate the need for lengthy and expensive in-court proceedings, with the aim of finding solutions designed to resolve a conflict in the quickest, most efficient and most advantageous manner to our clients.

The firm's guiding yardstick is that of providing thorough handling in each individual case, be it a large or small one, while maintaining the principles of excellence, professionalism, counsel's accessibility and according due weight to the client's considerations, ideas and preferences.

Yosef Samuel & Co.  lawyers often appear in the different courts of law and other tribunals, as well as in mediation, arbitration and a wide range of other adjudicative and conflict resolution venues, handling numerous law areas, including real estate, claims for monetary compensation, declaratory relief, contractual disputes, banking, bankruptcy, receivership and liquidation, claims regarding consumer products, defamation, planning and construction, objections made to the tax authorities' decisions and conduct, appeals to the appellate committees re real estate and municipal taxation (improvement tax, property tax, and more.)

In addition, our firm has much experience in the field of administrative law, which includes petitions to the High Court of Justice and administrative courts.

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o Representation before All Adjudicative Bodies – Our firm specializes in providing legal representation before all adjudicative bodies in Israel, including Justice of the Peace, District Court, the Supreme Court and the High Court of Justice; debt collection through execution organs of the judicial system, rabbinical courts, administrative courts, courts handling local matters, and, also, as part of our ongoing support of clients, we handle securing temporary forms of relief and interim decisions on their behalf.

o We represent clients at all civil adjudicative levels, including claims for money damages and other types of monetary compensation, execution, Speedy Adjudication Procedure, appeals, family courts, appellate committees, representing debtors before banks, financial and other institutions.  Numbered among our clients are both Israeli individuals and corporate entities, as well as foreign residents and companies operating in Israel and abroad.  In addition to representation before external tribunals, we represent our clients in various arbitration processes, mediation, tribunals, and professional courts.

o Pursuing Appeals – If and when necessary we are capable of filing appeals in various appellate venues in Israel, all the way to the Supreme Court when it is crucial to act immediately on behalf of a client in order to change an outcome at trial level and/or obtain the best possible result and until the most optimal outcome for the client is reached.

o Representation before Tax Authorities – As issues come to the fore in our representation of clients in the various courts, particularly before the tax authorities, our office assists and advises individuals, corporations and other business entities on tax issues, including taxation of real estate, corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, limited liability (Ltd.) companies, effective tax planning for agencies (and like organs) corporations' controlling shareholders' tax strategies, and tax issues regarding employees, foreign consultants, freelancers, capital gains, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Our handling is comprehensive and is done both procedurally, with the various authorities, and in court, through adjudication.

Representation at Every Adjudicative Instance

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