Wills and Inheritance

Drafting and Probation of Wills

Our legal firm is specialized in drafting numerous types of wills such as personal testament, mutual will, Hebrew law will, wills made by foreign residents, oral will, wills in solemn form etc.

Pre-Will Drafting Proceedings

Prior to drafting a will, our firm examines its legal implications on the tax rates that would be levied on the heirs and carefully drafts it to comply with the heirs' and the testators' needs.

Ongoing Legal Advice for Wills and Trusts

Samuel & Co. provides legal advice for testators who wish to plan a head the optimal way for dividing their assets while taking into consideration the testator's wishes and examining their volume and location, the relationships between the heirs, the tax implications and the requisites of the relevant authorities. 

Management of Estates and Trusts

Our firm is well versed in fulfilling the testator's wishes and instructions to the letter via estate or trust management while taking into consideration the heirs' welfare and sensitively caring for their needs in accordance with the law.

Location and Recovery of Hidden Assets

Through the years, our firm has garnered substantial expertise in locating and recovering hidden assets such as missing people's assets, holocaust victims' assets, lost funds and estates, guardian's assets etc. Our work includes the cooperating with experts such as genealogists, civilian information experts and archives.

Pre Probate Proceedings

Samuel & Co. handles all the proceeding leading to a probate, including drafting a probate appeal, confirmation of will order and appointment of an estate trustee, handling the requisites of the relevant authorities up to obtaining an official probate and its execution.

Post Probate Proceedings

Once a probate is issued, our firm works at the various authorities (the Lands Registrar, banks, pension funds, provident funds, the Mortgages Registrar etc)for its execution and for distributing the estate between the heirs.

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