Real Estate

Legal Representation at Various Tribunals

Including representation in litigation regarding land, breach of contract, defective construction, proper usage fees, protected tenancy, tenants' eviction, family disputes regarding real estate while dissolving a partnership or marriage, prohibitive injunctive relief, foreclosures, and the like.  Similarly, we provide representation in various administrative tribunals regarding appeals, administrative appeals, administrative petitions and petitions to the High Court of Justice.

Contracts and Agreements Related to Real Estate

Drafting and editing varied agreements relating to real estate: contractors' representation and contracts' preparation, representation of buyers in purchasing transactions with contractors, purchase and sale of privately owned apartments, transfer of rights without consideration, representation of entrepreneurs and tenants in agreements regarding urban renewal projects such as TMA 38,  evacuation and reconstruction projects and other projects related to urban renewal including combination transactions (an exchange deal in which the landowner sells some of the land to a contractor and, as part of the consideration, the contractor builds apartments, or other improvements, for the seller on the land left owned by the latter); sales of lots, real estate partnerships and joint ventures, accompaniment of buying groups, etc.

Real Estate Taxation

Our firm provides a complete platform for handling matters related to real estate taxation, starting with an in advance assessment of the situation according to the specific transaction at issue, moving on to formulation of strategy, mapping applicable taxation aspects of a given transaction or situation, and continuing with representation before tax authorities, filing appeals (when necessary and advisable) and utilizing legal action when required (e.g., before appellate committees and filing appeals with the Supreme Court).

Full Legal Service to Entrepreneurial and Contracting Companies

Full range accompaniment of contractors, starting with an urban building scheme, its alteration, securing permits from relevant authorities, advice concerning real estate taxation, financing, assistance and advice regarding routine operations and interactions with various external factors, while according full attention to the specific daily needs attendant a company and/or private enterprise's needs concerning real estate transactions and activities, and responding in real-time to events requiring immediate legal attention throughout the life of the project period and thereafter.

Our firm specializes in asset management and rental, including, representation in negotiations for sufficient funding from a range of financial entities, finding suitable tenants for a given property and negotiating the level of payment, ongoing care vis-à-vis tenant and the authorities, handling charges and various taxes levied by the municipality (where the asset is located), as well as filing requisite reports; in addition, our firm works regularly with a professionals different fields, in order to handle deficiencies occurring in real time affecting a given property handled by our office.

Legal Representation before Authorities

Representation at The Land Registry Authorities – Representation and accompaniment of transactions that are related to land registry bureaucratic activity, Israel Lands Authority, the Jewish National Fund, urban leasing or to companies responsible for providing housing, concerning arranging land registration, required capitalization, consent fees, development fees, permits, handling horizontal property regimes (registration of condominiums) and land parceling.

Representation before Local Authorities 

Our office advises on various property taxation matters, betterment levies, development levies and demands for fees. Whenever applicable, our office handles various legal procedures such as filing objections and appeals, litigating at relevant administrative courts while presenting robust and well thought out stances on taxpayers' rights.

Representation at Governmental Agencies

Decades of practical experience allow us to ascertain and provide the best legal advice to buck governmental overreaching into a property owner's pocket.

Construction Deficiencies and Defects

Our office accompanies contractors and property owners in relation to legal and contractual (expressed and implied) duties regarding the fitness of residential apartments, both during the examination period (as provided by law or agreement) and thereafter. Our office works with first rate professionals in assessing the extent of damage during the first stage of accompanying the client. We believe in a hands on policy while advising the client until all repairs are complete, according to applicable law. Whenever deficiencies and defects are not sufficiently repaired, we proceed by taking legal actions at the relevant to judicial forum.

International Transactions

Our office provides legal advice for various projects and real estate investment ventures outside of Israel. We advise the client on the formation of agreements with entities around the world. As part of our ongoing legal work we maintain close working relations with law firms in the U.S., U.K., Italy, Spain and Turkey. These relationships benefit our clients in their international business, activities and legal issues.

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