Planning and Construction

Planning and Construction

Samuel & Co initiates new outline plans and follows them    through every step the way, while collaborating with professional such as architects, appraisers and engineers. This work results in submitting the outline plan at the relevant planning authority up to its execution. The same methodical work applies to changing outstanding outline plans.

Objections to Outline Plans

Our firm provides legal services for submitting objections to the relevant authorities against outline plans that contradict the practical conditions on the ground. We follow through these legal actions by appealing to the district or the national planning and building commission or any other relevant tribunal.

Taxation and Balance of Payment

The submission of an outline plan and its confirmation has financial and tax implications, which are being taken care by our firm. We advise the client on various issues such as balance of payment, taxation and provide legal representation at the land tax authority and at any other relevant entity. 

Expropriation and Deterioration Compensations Claims

Some planning procedures result in a value deterioration in expropriation of a property. Our firm provides legal consultation and actions for indemnifying our clients, including via letters of indemnity and handling the authorities claims in the process of merging and re-division plans.

Construction Permits and Non Confirming Use

Our firm provides legal advice and submits application for construction permits, reliefs and for non-confirming use, while handling the requirements of the municipal authorities and the betterment levies that could transpire from such applications.

Taxation of Planning and Construction

The scope of our expertise allow us to asses beforehand the tax implications of planning and constructions projects and to strategize the tax structure of such projects, represent and defend it at the tax authorities and the relevant tribunals.

Real Estate Litigation

Whether it is municipality debits, financial sanctions, refusal to permit, conservation restrictions, property tax, betterment and development levies, neighbors' complaints, appeals or municipals decrees, Samuel & co specializes in representing clients and litigating for them at the various authorities such as appeal committees, administrative courts and the high court for justice via appealing for interim decrees or remedies while benefiting our experience in getting legal precedent.  

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