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About Joseph Samuel and Co. Law Offices and Notaries

This is a boutique firm, established in 1940 by Joseph Samuel, for many years a leading attorney in the areas of commercial and real estate law in the country.

Attorney Shmuel ("Sammy") Samuel joined the firm in 1950 as a partner and has been a senior partner till this very day.  Attorney Sammy Samuel who is a leading litigator in his area of expertise served as the acting president of Israel Bar Association for about 20 years and was a member of the Judicial Selection Committee of the Bar for six years.

Our office numbers nine attorneys and is headed by Attorney Shmuel ("Sammy") Samuel (a member of the Bar since 1950), Attorney Alon Samuel (joined the Bar in 1988) and Alon Avrahamov (joined the Bar in 2004). 

 Our office provides its clients various legal services the commercial-civil area, with a particular specialty in complex and varied real estate transactions, in planning and construction law, eminent domain, as well as representation at every judicial instance in general litigation with an emphasis on proceedings related to real estate, planning matters, eminent domain and rentals and leasing.

Our office is broadly based professionally and, together with time tested experience, such factors allow us to address a wide range of issues in the areas of real estate and planning and construction on behalf of private clients, entrepreneurs and contractors, including initiation and revision of master plans; representation at every level of the planning bureaucracy; representation of entrepreneurs, contractors and private individuals in relation to real estate transactions and their financing; construction contracts, construction contracting and supervision; agreements with consultants and planners; eviction lawsuits against trespassers and tenants in breach; tenant protection laws; urban renewal projects, such as TMA 38 (renovation), and Pinui Binui (demolition and reconstruction); real estate taxation, legal assistance in securing building permits; resisting exercise of eminent domain; damages claims as per § 197 of the Planning and Construction Act and suits seeking compensation for government exercise of eminent domain; representation in cases of opposition, including appearances before appellate panels; general commercial legal practice; corporate and partnership practice; banking laws; management of about 300 real estate assets for non-residents as well as local ones.

We make a point of having all lawyers at our office regularly attend continuing professional training in the our areas of practice.  We are proud of the fact that a number of lawyers who had practiced with us over the years, have been appointed, and are currently serving, as court judges throughout the country.

We represent numerous foreign citizens and residents, which necessitates communication with these clients in English, French, Spanish and Bulgarian.

Our credo is getting the best result for a client, placing an emphasis on securing resolution while looking at the client's needs through a broad angle, uncompromising professionalism, and legal counsel's ethical and professional integrity.  From the day our office was established, we have been committed to providing our clients legal services at the highest level, while building a relationship based on profound trust  with the client and placing an emphasis on maintaining attorney-client confidentiality.  Ours is a boutique office steeped in family atmosphere.  Though over the years the office grew and partners who are not family members have joined, an air of cooperation, fraternity and cross-fertilization among the lawyers at the office has persisted.  In this context we would like to make mention of the long lasting cooperative association we have had over the years with the CPA offices of Shmuel Langerman and Co., located adjacently since 1955. 

We consider the legal profession a source for disseminating knowledge and as a means for promoting community education.  Thus, we have set a scholarship fund named after the late Attorney Joseph Samuel, which annually grants scholarships to law students who combine distinct volunteer activity, designed to benefit society, with academic excellence.  The fund is intended for third and upper years law students, seeking either an undergraduate or a more advanced law degree.

About Joseph Samuel and Co. Law Offices and Notaries

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