Commercial Law


Samuel & Co. provides legal representation in financial and civil cases, whether it is a breach of a commercial agreement or defending financial claims. An essential part of our work includes asking for cease and desist orders in the realm of distrainment, injunctions, attachment orders etc.

Commercial Agreements

Our firm drafts a variety of local and international commercial agreements and contracts in a variety of legal expertise such as distribution, franchising, investment and financing agreements.

Incorporation and Corporate Law

Samuel & Co. provides corporate legal services to corporations, starting at the incorporation process and followed by the corporation's numerous day to day and immediate legal dealings.

International Transactions and Commercial

Our firm provides legal advice for international transactions and purchase agreements, while benefitting from our working relations with law firms from the U.S.A, U.K, Italy, Spain and Turkey for an immediate response to our clients' legal needs.

Administrative Law and Tender Law

Samuel & Co. litigates at administrative petitions, appeals and class actions at the Administrative Court and at the High Court of Justice in various legal issues: land, expropriation, tender, appealing against tender's decisions and consumers' rights. Our comprehensive legal work also extends to negotiations with the Anti-Trust Authority, planning agencies, appeal committees, planning institutions and administrative hearings. 

Arbitration and Mediation

Our firm represents clients at arbitration and mediation proceedings for settling local and international conflicts. Furthermore, Samuel & Co. litigates at judicial proceedings such as amendment of arbitration awards and represents familiar businesses at arbitration and mediation proceedings, in particular real estate and commercial disputes.

Samuel & Co. provides legal advice for familiar disputes between siblings, domestic partners and heirs whether they transpire from a partnership, a will or a commercial activity while providing discrete and detailed legal advice in numerous legal aspects such as wills, real estate, taxes, commercial law, corporate law and litigation.

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