Banks and Financing

Samuel & Co. specializes in banking and finance law and represents private entities as well as local and foreign corporations in their ongoing business with banks and financial institutions. Furthermore, we also represent and litigate at the relevant legal tribunals, lead negotiations and arbitrations, draft settlements and secure guarantees.

Financing for Businesses and Individuals

Our firm provides an extensive consultation in obtaining financing, loans and mortgages for promoting businesses and corporations that are seeking to purchase assorted assets. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in real estate and from our synergetic approach to financial and legal-planning aspects in a private purchase and investment in performing assets of different types, including counseling and legal representation concerning the purchase of assets outside of Israel.


Maintaining the ownership of familiar assets requires a discrete and careful legal care. Our firm advises plans and formulates strategies for that purpose for large and small scale trusts in fulfilling the instructions of a trust's creator, while taking into account the specific needs of the family members and the trust's beneficiaries.

International Transactions

Our firm accompanies and represents, on an ongoing basis, Israeli and non-Israeli clients in financial international transactions, including negotiating with banks whenever applicable. We also represent and advise non-Israeli investors who wish to invest in real estate, energy, stocks or make corporate acquisitions and plan their tax reports. Our office maintains multifaceted ties with legal entities and law firms based in the U.S., U.K., Turkey and Spain.

Setting up Foreign Bank Branches and Affiliates in Israel

Our firm handles compliance with applicable regulatory requirements for the opening of representative offices and affiliates of foreign banks in Israel.


Our firm litigates on the behalf of Israeli and foreign clients, plaintiffs and defendants as one, in court against banks and financial institutions. Through the years, our firm has been litigating in various financial claims such as accounting errors, limitations of accounts, interest miscalculation, misleading financial advice, liens and appeals against strict constructionism of banking practices against clients.

Encumbrances and Liens

We provide a detailed and precise legal advice for plaintiffs and defendants in cases of foreclosure of residential real estate, or other, due to mortgage default. Our legal strategy utilizes proceedings against borrowers, guarantors and squatters alongside maximizing further solutions such as providing alternative accommodations, financial planning for debt reconstructing and representation at the relevant authorities and tribunals. 

Litigation at the Execution Proceeding Office

Samuel and Co litigates for debtors and creditor who wish to collect or face collection proceedings from institutions and banks. Our firm administrates the execution of judicial decisions, collection of liens and mortgages, submission of objections to realization of checks and notes at the execution proceeding office, negotiation with collection entities and creditors.

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