Corporate Law

Incorporation, Formation of Partnerships and Non Profit Organizations

Incorporation, formation of non-profit organization, public utility companies and partnerships (both registered and unregistered) while providing an ongoing, hands-on support and advanced pre-planning and analysis the needs of corporate entities prior to their classification and public registration. the corporate entity is classified and publicly registered.

Wording and Amendment of Articles of Incorporation/Memorandum of Association

Our firm is well versed in drafting articles of incorporation while paying particular attention to the its nature, the founders' purposes, the corporations' capital, the shareholders' rights, the corporation's structure, shares' distribution, corporation's officers and the legal issues relevant to the corporation's ongoing business.

Wording of Corporate Agreements

 Phrasing and drafting various agreements, such as incorporators' agreements, purchase and sale agreements, financing and loan agreements, engagement agreements with various service providers, employment agreements and cooperation agreements are part of our expertise and day to day work.

Legal Advice to Corporations

Samuel & Co advises on regular basis to corporations on commercial law, corporate governance, officers' conduct in a corporation, shares distribution, dividends distribution, engagements with service providers, filing reports at the Companies Registrar, NPOs Registrar, Mortgage Registrar and any other relevant regulatory entity.

Legal Advice to Corporate Directors and Officers

Our firm provides an ongoing legal advice to corporate officers, drafts legal opinions and white papers concerning their corporate and otherwise conduct. We also represent corporate officers and directors against any legal claims and administrative fines.

Legal Representation for Recovering Cooperation

Samuel & Co regularly represents corporations which are facing claims of creditors, banks and lien holders. We advise the clients and follow through the negotiation process for debt reconstruction and financing, the firm's reorganization, minimizing debt and its settlement. 

Corporate Control Disputes

Our firm provides representation for control disputes of corporations, claims for liquidation and incorporation prior to claims for liquidation, defending minority shareholders against derivative suits, oppression of minority shareholders, hostile takeovers etc.

International Transactions

We accompany and assist corporation in their international activities, such as forming partnerships with non-Israeli entities while relying on our association with non-Israeli law firms in the USA, UK, Italy, Spain and Turkey in dealing with non-Israeli entities.

Voluntary Corporate Liquidation

Whether it is voluntary liquidation, assets transfer to shareholders or reporting such activity to the tax authorities, our firm handles all these legal aspects alongside wording all the reports required by the authorities.

Comprehensive Litigation

Our firm represents clients at all instances of civil and administrative courts and tribunals, whether as plaintiffs or as defendants and whether the client is a corporation, NGO, public benefit company, partnership or a public endowment. We also litigate claims against corporate officers at internal and external administrative hearings.   


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